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Robert Ozhatz

Floating House by Robert Oshatz
A unique sustainable home was formed from an industrial dock on Oregon’s Willamette River by Robert Ozhatz, Oregon-based organic architect. Now it is used for a summer house of a family. This eco construction was built using materials made of small pieces of timber that glued together. The material provides lighter weight for the construction. The floating house has two levels where there is a living area consisting of the bedrooms, bathrooms and dining room. There are some spaces and windows, made of expansive glass, that open a fantastic view of the river. The appearance of the house is typical for curvaceous, swooping architecture of Robert Ozhatz and reminds a form of a big wave. [caption id="attachment_22645" align="aligncenter" width="620"] curvaceous, swooping architecture of Robert Ozhatz [/caption]

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