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Translucent lamp

Magic Pendant lamp by Adriano Rachele (SLAMP)
Italian Company Slamp entered the world of lighting design in 1994 when they presented the famous floor lamp "Slamp Tube". Since then the company has produced a huge amount of magnificent and unusual lamps, lights and chandeliers. Here's a beautiful pendant lamp Veli - another one magic product of Slamp. Inspiration for designer Adriano Rachele have served folded fabric or a veil. Exquisite lace is made of Opalflex, the translucent material known for its ghostly glow when illuminated. These are the perfect characteristics for the producing an effect the designer had planned. Soft and intimate diffused light of Veli is very pleasant to the eye and soothing for the nervous system. There are different sizes and some colors. Visit SLAMP for more details.

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