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Tind house for Globo Art Space

Small Scandinavia: the Prefabricated House by Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects
According to the architects Claesson Koivisto Rune a contemporary Scandinavian house should look like this prefabricated house called Tind. The name of the project is the word for Mountain Peak in Norwegian. Despite this, the roof of the house is not acute-angled, and the peak is cut off. It is a typical Swedish single-pitch roof, but with some flatness. The project was built by Fiskarhedenvillan for the Globo Art Space – non-commercial area aimed to promote design, architecture and culture. The distinctive feature of the Tind except the unusual roof is the window niches. There are only a few windows, but of a big size, stretching out on the full height of the facade. Due to this feature this facade appears as a rhythmic alternation of voids and fullnesses. The main material of interior design is a Nordic timber. In the photos below you can see the different colors of the concept.

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