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Stylish and Easy Assembled Bed by Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapf
The award winner in the 2013 Interior Innovation Awards - the Tiefschlaf and the Tiefschlaf II designed by Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapf for STADTNOMADEN - is distinguished by their stylish and modern design. It is a modular furniture that is very easy to assemble and to transport. There are two different styles of bed the difference between which is in the built-in headboard for the Tiefschlaf II. The optional backrest can be fitted on any side of the bed. In addition both types of bed have three finishes and adjustable stainless steel feet. The basis of the bed consists of wood modules that are easily fastened together and easily disassembled. Elegance of design with ease of use makes this bed suitable for any room.

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