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Solid wood stools

Two Solid Wood Stools from Riva 1920
These two stools are only a small part of the collection that Riva 1920 can offer. Working with solid wood is a passion and main business of this Italian wood club. Floire and Delta stools designed by Karim Rashid and made of cedar wood have their own personality that every product made of solid wood has. The personality can be seen from their shapes: it can be graceful or ridiculous, simple or complicated. Fiore from the first sight resembles a flower with petals, but the more we look at it - the more items come to our minds: now we can see the print of some animal's paw. Delta is some kind of random shape, a bit graceful and unique. Both stools are very original and are not only good for sitting on but also decorate a room and tint with uniqueness.

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