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Bear House for Be@rbrick Collectors by Onion Company
Very unusual and interesting project, called Bear House, was realized by the architects of the Onion Company. The house in Cha-Am Beach, Thailand, is built as a tribute to the collectible Bearbrick toy series, produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. The owners of the house - Sittawat Sahawat and Nipapat Sahawat - are the Thai Be@rbrick collectors. Earlier the house looked as a three-storey building, which needed to be renovated. Now the house looks more like a larger version of the exhibition pavilion of the collectible bears, suitable for human habitation at the same time. An exclusive wardrobe, consisting of many levels and filled with tiny ladders, was designed especially for the collection. The British fashion designer Vivian Westwood and Stash have painted the big bears on the walls of the living-room and of the terrace.

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