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House with trees

"Chimney House" with Trees in São Paulo, Brazil
This house, located in São Paulo, is the most obvious example of reunification with nature, where the living space of the house is gradually transformed into the fauna of Brazilian forests. A cozy wooden patio with trees is a continuation of some rooms of the house. But the more remarkable in this house are the chimneys on the rooftop of varied shapes. There are some distinguishing chimneys on the rows of houses in the city of São Paulo, and this one is also one of them. Two-storied house has a living room, the kitchen, TV room and three bedrooms. The master bedroom on the second floor extends outward to a wooden-decked solarium. Here a ground fire can be used to cook a great bar-b-cue for guests or to light the house on a dark night. The architects of this "Chimney House" are a Studio MK27, Marcio Kogan.

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