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Good Boy

Lamps Shaped Dogs by Whatishisname
Modern art is interesting by its eccentricity, openness and even queerness to one’s taste. But this is the the main attraction of it. Each item of nowadays art has a sense, it can speak and it talks about everything that surrounds us. It explains talks, argues, cries, laughs and makes us share the same feelings, express the same emotions. The first emotion that awakens in us when we look at Whatshisname’s last work is laugh. This is a lamp in a shape of a black dog with the on/off switch that has very interesting shape, you can see it on the picture below. More precisely there are two similar lamps: ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’. The lamps were designed with the intention to make users uncomfortable while using them. Except the appearance the lamps certainly have an important functionality. The lighting they provide has a romantic and soft glow. Good Puppy is available in limited editions, so you can try to buy it. [caption id="attachment_22613" align="aligncenter" width="620"] good puppy lamps[/caption]

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