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sTONE Pillows Collection by Fivetimesone

Fivetimesone is a group of architects and designers mostly based in the north of Poland. They create objects inspired by nature and strive to expose diverse traditions of European craftsmanship. They also take care of the ecology. Take a look at the pretty pillows collection entitled sTONE collection. It is the seats and seamless pillows made in 100% from natural merino wool. All the pillows have the unique design because they are hand crafted and filled with polyester fibers to ensure high flexibility and long-term usage. The collection will bring comfort and the feeling of harmony to your house. The sTONE pillows are suitable to be placed in your living room or bedroom. Wool, as a natural raw material is durable, insulates against the cold, is hypoallergenic, breathes and does not accept dirt.

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