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Compact bookshelves built into the staircase

This is a very good example of effective space managing that looks great. Book and CD shelves are piled on each other and make up a steep and very compact staircase. There are two rows of shelves for each foot –that’s why it look more like a ladder, but it is actually very comfortable. You wouldn’t have to climb this thing; the consequent steps are on favorable height. The creators thought of safety and attached side nets and metal bars to prevent user from falling.

The idea is very interesting in general – you can put literally anything on those shelves, starting from your family pictures to plants or something else that you have to store somewhere. Even if you don’t need the staircase in your flat, you can still think of building such wall of piled shelves instead of a regular cupboard. Apart from keeping your stuff it looks good and visually partitions your room to multiple zones.

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