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Victor lusquinos

olas! - House by Victor Lusquiños
This extraordinary house designed by Spanish architect Victor Lusquiños is situated in the most appropriate place for the house of such design - on the beach. The levels of the house smoothly flowing into each other and reminding the rapids of the waves, very naturally fit the surroundings sea. The frontal part and the interior of the 'Olas!'-house overlook the beautifulness of the endless sea and sky. The curving forms of the main construction became possible due to the using the ceramic tiles as a material. In the front of the house there is a pool that makes the transition from construction to nature more natural and unconstrained. The house accommodates many rooms and much space inside. The level 0 has swimming pool, kitchen, porch, entry foyer, bathroom, living room and stairs. Level 1 has bedroom and bedroom terrace and there is a solarium in the level 2. [caption id="attachment_22832" align="aligncenter" width="620"]image © victor lusquiños[/caption]

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