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Rotating planters

Moving Labyrinth by Nova Jiang
This interesting construction was designed and created by New York-based Chinese artist Nova Jiang. It consists of modular elements with rotating planters controlled by a software program that continuously generates new maze patterns. Full construction consists of particles of broken glass, plastic and other detritus; the planters contain live moss collected from the sides of buildings, cracks in the pavement and so on. As the author says, ’they form a patchwork of unintentional archaeology’. The rotation makes people to change direction by going through the space where the maze is installed. This sculpture is not just decoration or mere classical labyrinth, Jiang positions her work as an object of literary creativity or mathematical beauty. This sculpture, quite useless at first sight, has very deep sense. People in their usual life make everything without any sense and not enjoying the process. Kinetic maze develops in people clarity of mind by making people stop and think. [caption id="attachment_22620" align="aligncenter" width="620"] labyrinth[/caption]

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