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Furniture made of cork

Furniture made of cork by Jonathan Honvoh & Rodrigue Strouwen
What can be done of simple cork? Usually the biggest benefit of cork is our memories of good taste of wine. But Jonathan Honvoh and Rodrigue Strouwen, two space designers, have invented another use of this simple thing. Their work is their own poetry - both fun and offbeat. Apart from the design of space in the strict sense, “TwoDesigners” make objects based on the connection of different elements. They propose to make furniture of two elements made of cork and joined by metal hoop. The use of cork has several advantages. The elastic properties of cork allows producing the joins without screws or adhesives. Each block is reconstructed from waste production of wine corks, so it represents an economy of raw material. Elements of interior made of cork are multifunctional and modular.

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