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Fire and water fireplaces

Incredibly Beautiful and Extraordinary Fireplaces by Colombo Construction Corp, New York

The fireplaces by Elena Colombo, the head of Colombo Construction Corp, New York are apprehended as futuristic art-objects. These spectacular fireplaces are made of iron, bronze and stainless steel and use biofuel or natural gas. In some experimental models for landscape the designer skillfully combines the elements of fire and water. One can see a gas-fire integrated with an artificial waterfall, models which look like the metal flowers in the basins, sculptural fireplaces for terraces and elegant table bowls. The models of Elena Colombo are presented by a variety of designer’s solutions from modern vanguard installations to so popular nowadays fireplaces in the style of classicism and modern. The chimneys by Colombo Construction Corporation have exclusive magnetism which sends you to the idea of calmness. These futuristic compositions can absolutely transform any place where they will be set. It will be suitable in the cozy living room, romantic bedroom or at the open terrace.

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