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Olafar Eliasson's Rainbow Panorama
Olafar Eliasson, artist and designer from Denmark, has realized into the life one of the brightest natural phenomenon. Rainbow – the most beautiful and fairy consequences of the rain – we can see now at the ARoS museum in Aarhus (Denmark). This installation called “Your rainbow panorama” is a tunnel which consists of colored glass panels. At night is lit by spotlights in the floor. We can imagine this tunnel like our way along the life. Hi-tech existence has thrown us off the colorful nature and this installation let us use this tunnel to recollect that life has different colors, not always bright, but always essential. The artist himself hoped to blur the limits between the art and what is a part of the museum.
[caption id="attachment_22485" align="alignnone" width="620"] rainbow panorama[/caption]

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