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Celluloid Jam

The Celluloid Jam House like a Moebius strip: Norisada Maeda Atelier
This house near Yokohama (Japan) is designed by Norisada Maeda Atelier (Tokyo). The aim of the design of the house was to make the walls of the building like the famous Moebius strip: when inner surface gradually becomes the outer and vice versa. Norisada Maeda argues that if one lets his finger run across the surface of the wall and moves in any direction, he can walk around the building inside and out, never having the finger to be torn off the wall. In addition to this remarkable highlight, the house has timber framing and the outside and exterior finish made of fiberglass. This solid finishing has no joints too. The house, reminding reeled off coil of white tape, carelessly thrown on the floor, was named Celluloid Jam.

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