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“ABC” bookshelf

Bookshelf with Letters by Studio Saporiti
Roberto Saporiti and Eva Alessandrini from Italian Studio Saporiti have given the opportunity to enjoy the “ABC” bookshelf to the world. The design of this product has defined its name. The bookshelf consists of individual cubes that have various partitions within. Due to the partitions the cubes form numbers and letters, which can be organized into the sentences, as if they are written with a help of the pieces of boards. So we have a “speaking” bookshelf. On the photo below you can read a sentence “read your book case”. The cubes of three different sizes can be assembled not only into a bookcase. Using your fantasy you can construct different combinations making a table or a chair, for example. [caption id="attachment_22569" align="aligncenter" width="620"] cubes with "read your book case" - sentence[/caption]

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